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handmade paper

Leah Hardy

Graphic design + Illustration

Graphic designer and illustrator

based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Books | Magazines | Posters | Flyers | Stationery | Ephemera | Brand Identities | Logos | Presentations |  UX/UI models | Pictograms | Illustrations

Check out my work below



Paper Diary
Editorial design | Papermaking | Photography | Documentation

[287x430mm] 40 pages

Inkjet print on handmade recycled paper

Binding by Livresses [NE | CH]

Personal journal of an old artisanal practice, documenting my ongoing experimentation in papermaking.


Imitations de la Ville Blanche
Modular print system | Press printing

[450x450mm] 100% Silk scarves, cardstock box

Laser-cut woodblock on printing press

A collection of 15 handprinted silk scarves, with floral and geometric patterns inspired by St-Gallen's archive of Swiss lace.

Experimental modular block system designed for typographic press.


Jolly Jungle
Brand identity | Product photography | Illustration | Retail graphics

Business cards | Signage | E-shop product photography | Hand-painted A-frame signs | Hand-drawn seasonal display window

Jolly Jungle [VD + GE | CH]

Identity update for handmade jewellery and clothing brand Jolly Jungle, based in Lausanne & Geneva, Switzerland.